1708 Persons Were Placed in Home Isolation

For the COVID-19 Coronavirus control, screening work of ILI patients is being done in the Zero Mobility area of ​​the district and in urban and rural areas.

Chief Medical and Health Officer Doctor. Sajid Khan said that the ILI patients in the district are being screened daily. In which today, screening of 5761 persons in 1174 houses was done by the teams of the Medical Department. During the COVID-19 survey, 1708 persons have been placed in Home Isolation in the district.

72 people are in the quarantine ward as a precautionary measure. In which 64 engineering colleges, 3 PHC Mandawar, and 5 Gawdi are housed in hats. Among the quarantined families, COVID-19 is a relative of an infected person, a family member, a neighbor, and a contact person. Those who have been kept in quarantine, their food items, medicines, and other materials are being maintained separately as per the rules of biomedical waste.

Chief Medical and Health Officer Doctor. Sajid Khan told that anyone who has a cold, cold, cough, fever and shortness of breath or symptoms of ILI, as well as the accidental death of any of the people who have done Home Isolation and Home Quarantine, immediately the district level control Room 07432-230645, 230646 and Medical Department Control Room 07432-230009 or inform the Chief Medical and Health Officer number 9414751821 immediately so that the concerned Can be checked and treated immediately.

Source : Circle.Page

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