Sun Temple Jhalrapatan

Jhalrapatan has located 6 Km from Jhalawar. It is known as the City of Bells. The city of Bells is derived from its numerous temples and their bells. A unique feature of this town is that the entire township resides within the confines of a wall. The wall was built to protect the trade caravans as it was one of the junctions of the trade route.

Sun Temple is the heart of Jhalrapatan in Rajasthan. It is famous for a shikhara (peak of a temple) which is 96 ft from the ground. The temple is orthogonal and has a sanctum, vestibule, or pillared hall. The HERBAL Garden upgrades the beauty of Jhalrapatan.

One can visit some beautiful temples: Surya temples, Chandrabhaga temples & Shantinath Jain temple. Come and see the city of bells.

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